arking on another path.

….. The

red and gold trial court frigate landed on the open space next to the relay station.南京桑拿会所网 It was a bit difficult to come along this way. During the flight, various enemy air units would harass like flies smelling the corpse, if not The death knell stood directly on the front deck, knocking a bloody path with a sledgehammer, and the spacecraft might not be able to return to the base.

But after all, he came back. As soon as the hatch opened, Gunnar and Orpheus were waiting in front of them. The weapons of the star warriors were all loaded, as if they were ready to shoot if they didn’t agree.

However, seeing the death knell and the nun walking down the boat, they dispersed under the command of the leader, leaving only the wolf master and the priest.

“Fortunately, the two soldiers’ revenge has been avenged.” Su Ming handed a few heads to the wolf owner with regret, and put them on his lightning claws like 南京龙凤网 a bunch of candied gourds: “This fallen judge He and a few gray knights were possessed by demons and became enchanted warriors. They were very strong. I fought hard for a long time, and even the armor was painted off. There was still no way to catch them alive

. He had to ” he said, and he showed himself to the two of them. His armor, the shoulder armor really seemed to be scratched.

“Although I haven’t been able to revenge myself, it’s enough, huh? This head is very light, what about the brain inside?” The wolf owner shook his hand a little strangely, and threw a few twisted and deformed heads to the ground.

“They used weird psychic powers I haven’t seen before and wanted to die with me, but the emperor blessed me. Their psychic rituals caused an accident and burned their own brains.” Su Ming opened his mouth. 南京龙凤论坛 Anyway, things that can’t be explained are pushed on the emperor and the chaotic evil gods, it’s not wrong.

What else does the wolf master want to ask, but Orpheus interrupted him: “Where is this warship?”

“The nun has been purified and taken over.