ly, and all his beards were blown wildly.

Just as Carol was thinking about it, it might be that Mary, who noticed someone vomiting outside the house, finally walked out of the house, and more than that, she was still holding an old-fashioned double-barreled shotgun in her hand.

Wearing rustic floral 南京桑拿夜网 pajamas, plastic curls on her head, and pink plastic slippers on her feet, she looked like Kerry’s elite warrior disappeared.

What appeared at this time was a very ordinary American town resident, but she only looked a little older than Carol, like a sister rather than a mother and daughter.


Carol ran over happily. She didn’t fly because she was afraid of shocking the world. Although she has nothing to do with her family, she has never returned since joining the army, but when she saw her mother, she still felt so fragrant!

Her legs were thrown high behind her, and she ran very excitedly, wanting to return to her mother’s arms.

The little face was full of smiles, and even the orange cat was placed on her shoulder. She opened her arms and wanted her mother to love her again.

However, Mary 南京桑拿按摩网 slipped under her arm with unimaginable agility. Go straight to the death knell in the courtyard looking through the body bag.

The black tentacles on his body didn’t know what to do in the bag, and Mary just carried the gun on her shoulder and waited quietly next to her.

Carol: “???”

Why? Why did the mother go to the death knell? Doesn’t she recognize her daughter anymore? Just because you dress too revealing? But the female heroes of the earth all wear this way, at most wearing a cloak.

And why is the mother laughing at the death knell? She never smiled at her father!

Mary took off the curls on her head and used her fingers in the sea breeze to beat her long hair into big waves and spread it on her shoulders. She also reached out charmingly to pull some hair strands behind her ears.

All this made Carol’s eyes fall out. She stood on the steps under the porch, her mouth wide open.

“Are y